30 May

An AOL email is a free and Web-based AOL service. What you need to get a free AOL username is a computer or mobile device that has a web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, along with an Internet connection.

The principal advantage of having my AOL mail is that it can be accessed by any web browser. Additionally, this AOL login can be used in any online account, whether for social networking or online shopping. Apart from getting an AOL mail inbox, your AOL email login may also be used in AOL services.

Next are the procedures to help you get access to my AOL account.

• Open your web browser software of choice and put your AOL mail login at www.aol.com on the web browser address bar.

• No guarantee is given that the main page will be the same as the initial picture. Even with that, just search and click on the "SIGN IN SIGN UP" hyperlink. You might even go straight to https:/my.screenname.aol.com.

• Once it appears, the second image appears on the web page. Tap the hyperlink on "Get a Free Username." You can also choose to log in to other social networking accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo!

• Then you will find next, just like the third picture, what should log in to your AOL email.

• You can find someone else's AOL email login page and not the photo. If this happens, log in, and then log in again.

• Place your First and Last Names, Password, Username, Gender, Zip Code, Birth Date, Mobile Phone, Security Question, Alternate Email and finally Confirmation Code on the page indicated.

• You can find an AOL username, and it looks like username@aol.com. The username must be at least 3 characters long and you may even use intervals or underlines. However, because AOL has a lot of users, consider a special username. AOL will see if they are already in use.

• Once you have your own AOL login username, you're almost having an AOL account!

• An AOL user has to have a security and privacy password exactly the same as other online accounts. They'll be replaced with dots when you put in your preferred password. AOL requires that your password is between 8 and 16 characters. Instead, type the password again.

• Once you have already appropriate usernames and passwords, click the "Sign Up" button in the blue. So congratulations are in order now-you got an email from AOL login!

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